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Looking for the Best Horse Racing Tips Service in Australia? 
Not happy with the amount of Profit you’re making off your Racing Bets?
Tired of getting a few winners on the Horses but not making enough Profit?

Punters, we hear you! We know how frustrating it can be to be betting on the Horses and just not making enough off your hard earned that you’re putting in. We know that’s why you would be searching for the Best Horse Racing Tips Service so you can turn it all around.
Wouldn’t it be sensational if you could just put your Horse Racing Bets on at the start of the day and consistently pull out more at the end of the day? It would be bloody brilliant if that was possible! Feed the bets in at the start, pull out the cash at the end… That’s essentially what betting in advance on the horses using the same bet amount on each horse is isn’t it… If that worked then wouldn’t everyone do that? 
Why would we even bother going to work if we could just put our Horse Racing Bets on at the start of the day and pull out profit at the end of the day, consistently!

You know why? Because it doesn’t work!

The Best Horse Racing Tipsters know it and if they’re worth the subscription fee for their tipping service they’ll have worked out a way to make the most profit from their tips for the punters. Unless… And Yes, unless, they have affiliates with bookmakers. 
Why you might ask? Happy to answer that for you. As part of our commitment to being the Best Horse Racing Tips Service in Australia, we have a No Affiliate Policy. This means you’ll never see any links to bookmaker sites and you wont get any links from us either on our site, on social media or directly from us that will give you a bonus bet or a sign up bonus for joining with any particular bookmaker. 

Why have a no bookmaker affiliate policy?

So why do we have that policy in place? Because any Horse Racing or Sports Tips Service who uses bookmaker affiliates is making a commission off your losses. So if you join using their link and use that account when betting on Horses or Sports, any bets you lose they make around 30% of those losses. 

Now when you think about that fact, if they make 30% of everything you bet and lose, what incentive is there for that tipping service to provide you with the Best Horse Racing Tips? AND if you win, most bookmakers will carry over your winnings into the pool from your losses. Eg. If you followed their Horse Racing Tips and lost $100, the tipster is set to make $30 commission. If you then made $150 and are in front $50 the Tipster gets nothing. 
If you lose they win, If you win they lose. Gotta make you question, how much incentive is there to have you consistently making profit?

This is why we have a No Bookmaker Affiliate policy. Our Horse Racing Tips Service is 100% focused on the punter making profit. 


Why are we the best horse racing tips service?

The best horse racing tipsters

Our team of expert Horse Racing Tipsters comprises of some of Australia’s most seasoned Professional Thoroughbred Punters as well as Industry experts with over 30 years experience alone. Our head tipster started working for TAB back in 1990, some of you would remember placing a bet using the little cards with small dashes indicating your simple bet, hand placed one at a time. They assisted in the co-ordination in the roll out of the Flight machines across the country which was a game changer for Saturday Horse Racing punters who liked to place multiple bets as the flight machine fed a stack of tickets in automatically (awesome for the $1 mystery trifecta’s on Melbourne Cup day!). After a number of years working across the TAB network they then worked in TAB corporate in Race Day coordinating Thoroughbred Racing and Greyhound Race meetings. Throughout the years of then operating 3 of NSW largest TAB Agencies, our team learned the intricate ins and outs of punting, watching punters bet across every bet type, not only on Australian Horse Racing but also across Greyhound Racing and all Sports markets.  

How This gives us the Punting Edge

Our teams experience in everything Horse Racing has enabled us to have an insight into punting on Australian Horse Racing that just cannot compare to any other Horse Racing Tipping service around. We know how punters bet, we know every betting option and the impact of them on Horse Racing. We know Horse Racing Betting better than anyone else because we just simply have more inside experience into punting, not just tipping. Superior Punting Knowledge not just Tipping Knowledge gives us the superior edge to be the Best Horse Racing Tips Service in Australia.





Tracking Horse Racing Tips & Betting Strategies

For a number of years before launching The Sports Tipper our team tracked Australian Horse Racing results by paper trading against all of the known Horse Racing Betting Strategies. We tracked Dutching, Martingale through to the Kelly Criterion method and pretty much everything else in between. 

We paper traded with our Horse Racing Tips to compare the known Horse Racing Betting methods to see which Betting Strategy would provide consistent results with the least amount of risk. As we mentioned right at the start, its not possible to make consistent profit betting on horses if you bet the same amount, in advance, on your bets so we knew that wasn’t an option. Its simply mathematically impossible to bet the same amount consistently, expecting to win.
Some Horse Racing Tipping Services may tip Roughies and reply on the odds of the occasional Rough winner to make some profit but how often are those Roughies winning? How long is the run of losses between those winners? Could a regular punter sustain those runs between the rough winners to actually make profit?

But we’re not looking at ‘jagging’ a winner here at good odds, to make consistent profit we need regular winning Horse Tips, we don’t want to break the bankroll before we get that rough win and I’m sure you’re the same. 

So what came out of all that paper trading and testing? More questions that’s what! We had a few Horse Racing Betting Strategies that showed promise but were high risk. The Martingale method ensures that you win if you’re betting odds over $2 but you need to be very confident in the Frequency Of Win of the Horse Racing Tipster that you’re following to know that their wins come regularly enough so you don’t bust before getting the win and make the profit. 
Have you read about the ‘Frequency Of Win’? Its probably the most important statistic that you should know if you want to make consistent profit betting on Horses or Sports. Read all about Frequency Of Win here if you’re getting serious about building consistent profit on the punt.

Our winning horse racing betting strategy

Best Horse Racing Tips Service

We took all of the information that we had from paper trading with the known strategies and eliminated the gaps that may have suited using a method on Roulette but not for betting on Horses. We tweaked a few Horse Racing Betting Systems and built our own custom staking strategy that ensured that when we hit a winner we made profit. We then paper traded with that strategy over 6 months across our Thoroughbred Horse Racing Tips in 2016 ensuring that the strategy worked, consistently to build profit. After proving that it worked we launched it to our Horse Racing Tips Subscribers in 2017 and haven’t looked back. 

Over the last 3 years we’ve tweaked a little here and there to optimise the Betting Strategy to ensure that it was delivering the highest possible return at the most consistent low risk. On the first of July we amended our Betting Strategy after tracking an improvement over 3 months from April 1st 2020. This amended saw an increase of 24% ROI and 15% POT to that same three month period. This amendment to our Horse Racing Betting Strategy has meant that we have had an increase in the frequency of our wins. 

Our Horse Racing Betting Strategy relies on maths, not our confidence in our picks in terms of stakes. We don’t tip larger units on a Horse Tip because of our confidence in it. By betting the right amount at the right odds you make profit, its really that simple. 

We’d love to be building profit every single day but no Horse Racing Tips Service is doing that, regardless of how good they are. We do however track our statistics to tell us everything from our Frequency Of Win (Simply put its the statistics on how often a winner comes) through to our % Strike Rate of having a profitable day. As an example, our Saturday Horse Racing Tips Subscription has a Profitable Saturday Day of Racing Tips 84% of the time since January 2018. Yes that means that we have built profit at the end of a Saturday of Racing Tips more than 8 out of every 10 Saturdays of Racing… That’s certainly a stat worth betting on isn’t it! 
2018 saw an 83% profitable Saturday of Horse Racing Tips, 2019 also saw an 83% profitable Saturday and 2020 has been sensational with an 88% profitable day of Horse Racing Tips, how awesome is that! 

By tracking these statistics we know, with confidence, that we are delivering the Best Horse Racing Tips Service in Australia. We deliver consistent winning tips, we know all of our statistics on those tips and are 100% transparent about those results. You can check out our Saturday Horse Racing Tips Package Results here

We also don’t charge a ridiculous amount for our Horse Racing Tips Subscriptions and heavily discount our longer term options to further make our Horse Racing Tips service affordable for every type of punter. We’re fully aware that every dollar you’re saving not paying for tips is another dollar you have to punt with! 

Our Winning Horse Racing Tips

We use a specific set of factors to assess the fields to choose our Horse Selections each day. This includes everything from:

  • Form over the Distance & Weight
  • Form at the Track
  • Form in the current Track Conditions
  • Form with the Jockey and also the Jockeys form over the distance to be ridden and at the track. The Jockeys form at riding the style of horse (front or back runner etc)
  • Position in the current preparation (How long since a spell etc)
  • Barrier Position
  • Gear Changes
  • Grade of the Race
  • Sectional Times, Trials and Jump Out data
  • Lastly the rest of the field and their form based on the same factors compared to the runner of interest. 


horse racing betting strategy

Racing Tips Statistics

There’s a very specific reason that we track all of our statistics. It’s not only so punters can see what our profits are but it also ensures that we are always working at being the Best Horse Racing Tipsters in Australia. If we are performing at a high success rate then our customers are winning and making profit. And It’s Our Mission To Get You More Winners. 

2020 Saturday Horse Racing Tips Package Statistics

Profit On Turnover: 43.62%
Return On Investment: 4198.5%
Units Profit: 4198.5
Win Strike Rate: 28.05%

2020 Weekly Horse Racing Tips Package Statistics

Profit On Turnover: 18.17%
Return On Investment: 3338%
Units Profit: 3338
Win Strike Rate: 27.13%

Horse Racing Tips Delivery

All of our Horse Racing Tips are delivered via Telegram. Telegram is a free messenger style app that is super easy to use and conveniently sends you a notification to your device when our Horse Racing Tips are posted. This is super handy so you never miss a tip. 

We send out all of tips on the morning of the race day to ensure that our Horse Racing Tips are as up to date as possible. 

Our team of expert Racing Analysts are always on hand to provide assistance and advice to punters to guide them through using our custom Horse Racing Tips Strategy and answer any questions they may have. We are 100% committed to helping punters whether they are beginning having a punt on the Horses or Sports or are a seasoned punting pro ready to increase their bankroll through using a specific Horse Racing Tips Strategy for maximum profit.

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