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BOB Staking Strategy

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend that you save this page so you can come back at any time. ​If you find that you’re not making profit then you should revisit this page and re-read our strategy. Not every day will be a winner but if you follow our strategy with our BOB picks you will build your profit and bankroll safely at low risk.

Our BOB tips are two sets of Sports Multi’s delivered twice a day. You have a few choices to make before you start. Once you make these choices, following along is super easy.

1. Unit Value based on your bankroll2. Which picks you will follow – 1st Multi, 2nd Multi OR both Multi’s3. Which approach you will use – Passive or Aggressive

Bankroll and Unit Value

Ideally, you would have a minimum of $127 as your bankroll to commence with a single unit value (or $1 unit) for one of the Multi’s. The reason for this is that we hit the win, within 7 picks or less 100% of the time so you would need the bankroll to be able to place those 7 bets. Our simple strategy increases the bet after each loss by double. So the bets would be:1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 to get to the 7th bet of 64 units (or $64 if using $1 unit value) so the total of all of those bets would come to $127.

A half unit value (.50c units) would therefore be $63.50 spent to get to the 7th bet and would be the minimum bankroll required to start at .50c units.

If you had $254 you could look at doing a $2 unit value, $381 could be $3 units and so on. BUT we still recommend starting on $1 units or even .50c units when you start to ensure that you are comfortable using the strategy, particularly if you haven’t used a staking strategy before.

You might normally bet $10 bets straight out and think that doing $1 bets isn’t much fun, that it cant bring you much profit and therefore consider betting straight. Of course, this is your prerogative to do so. BUT, consider this… each time you make $63.50 profit you go up another 1/2 unit value. So you start on $1 units and once you’ve accumulated $63.50 profit (taking your bankroll total to $190.50) you increase your wagers to $1.50 units as you have increased your bankroll by 1.5. When you make another $63.50 you increase to $2 wagers and so on. Each time you make $63.50 profit you increase your unit value by another half. At the start it may feel a little slow, it might take you 20 wagers to increase a 1/2 unit but when you’re up to $5 wagers it only takes a few bets before you’re making the $63.50 and going up again.

Another thing that you can do is add your weekly punt money into your bankroll as well. So for example, if you normally put aside $50 a week to have a punt with you could still do that which means you only need to make $13.50 profit during the week to add to your $50 to hit $63.50 and go up another 1/2 unit! It all rolls over and increases your bankroll and profits very nicely, and at LOW RISK!

Bankroll Unit Values













































Which BOB Multi to follow

Our BOB tips are two Sports Multi’s delivered twice a day and you have the following options:

1. Follow the 1st OR 2nd Multi only2. Follow both Multi’s

To follow both Multi’s you would need to follow with a separate or split bankroll for each as each Multi requires its own bankroll.

Many of our subscribers choose to follow just our First Multi but use a larger unit size as opposed to splitting their bankroll between the two multi’s and having a smaller bankroll on each. The advantage to covering both Multi’s is purely that you are spreading across two outcomes. We have also found that quite often if the first Multi does not win, the second Multi does and vice versa if not both winning.

You may decide to follow just the First Multi of the Day at the start and when you are comfortable with the strategy and/or have built enough bankroll to sustain both you may decide to use both sets of picks.


As you can see from the above screenshot we have our two Multi’s of the Night. The top Multi, Wellington with Kozlova, is the First Multi to follow and then the bottom Multi, Nelson with Kostyuk, is the Second Multi.

Strategy Options – Passive or Aggressive

There are two options in how you can play our strategy. A Passive or an Aggressive approach.

PASSIVE – Double after a loss and go back to the start of 1 unit after each winAGGRESSIVE – Double after a loss and halve after a win. Go back to the start of 1 unit at the start of each week instead of after each win.

The Passive strategy is lower risk as you wont stay wagering at higher units if there aren’t a few wins in a row after a few losses which can happen with the Aggressive approach. For example:


Bet 1

Bet 2

Bet 3

Bet 4

Bet 5

Bet 6

Bet 7

Bet 8

Bet 9

Bet 10


1 unit – LOSS

2 unit – LOSS

4 unit – LOSS

8 unit – WIN

1 unit – LOSS

2 unit – WIN

1 unit – LOSS

2 unit – LOSS

4 unit – WIN

1 unit – WIN


1 unit – LOSS

2 unit – LOSS

4 unit – LOSS

8 unit – WIN (next bet is halved instead of back to the start)

4 unit – LOSS

8 unit – WIN

4 unit – LOSS

8 unit – LOSS

16 unit – WIN

8 unit – WIN

As you can see above, the Aggressive Approach was still on 8 units on Bet 10 as there were not multiple wins in a row to reduce by half each time and work back to 1 unit. The Passive Approach stayed at lower units and therefore lower risk. At any point after a win on the Aggressive Approach you can always start again back at 1 unit but at a minimum you should restart at 1 unit each week. This ensures that you don’t stay at higher units if there isn’t a run of multiple wins to reduce back down to the start.

We would recommend starting with the Passive Approach until you are comfortable using the staking strategy.


$150 bankroll, never used a staking strategy before.$150 will allow you to use either a .50c or $1 unit value (See Bankroll Unit Value chart for amounts). As you haven’t used a staking strategy you start on the lowest risk and smallest option of a .50c unit value using the Passive strategy on just the first Multi. You will place your first wager on the First Multi of the Day of .50c. You will then double that bet to $1 if it loses and it if wins you will go back to the start of a .50c wager on the First Multi of the Night. You will then continue on wagering by doubling after a loss and going back to the start of .50c after each win. If you miss a pick or have a day or so off the punt then you simply pick up where you left off and place your next wager in order from your last one.As you have $150 you could have started on $1 units so after you have made a little profit and are comfortable using the strategy you will increase to the $1 unit value. After wagering and making more profit up to $190.50 which is the bankroll required to wager $1.50 units you can then increase again. At any point you may decide to stay at a lower stake to keep more of you bankroll held and out of risk, otherwise increasing your unit value each time you accumulate another $63.50 profit.At any point you may decide to also start to play the second Multi of the Day/Night but would need an additional bankroll to do so and would bet in the exact same way on that second multi as the first with that second bankroll in play.

$500 bankroll, never used a staking strategy before but are comfortable with the concept.

$500 bankroll could sustain up to $3.50 units using one of the Multi’s or you could choose to do .50c, $1 or $1.50 units on both Multi’s. In this case you may decide to use $1 units on both the First and Second Multi’s using the Passive strategy to start with.

For your first wagers you place $1 on the first Multi of the Day and $1 on the second Multi of the Day. You treat both Multis separately and follow all of the First Multi’s together and all of the Second Multi’s together. If they lose you double your wager. If they win you go back to the start of $1. If one wins the next bet is back at the start and if the other loses the next bet on that is doubled. As you have split your bankroll in half to follow both, you have $250 for each. After making a little profit and getting used to following each Multi set separately, you increase your units to $1.50. One of the multi’s may reach the next unit value before the other. You may chose to wait till both bankrolls can sustain the same increase to make it easier to follow. So when both bankrolls have reached $254 you increase to $2 units, when both bankrolls reach $317.50 you can increase to $2.50 and so on. Otherwise when one Multi’s bankroll increases you can separately increase it to the next unit value.

$300 bankroll, have used a staking strategy before or are comfortable with the concept.A $300 bankroll can sustain up to $2 units using a single Multi and you may decide to start on $1 units using just the First Multi of the Day/Night using the Aggressive Strategy as you are using smaller units to start with. You first wager will be $1 on the First Multi of the Day and if it loses you double on your next wager of the First Multi of the Night and if it wins you halve your next wager as opposed to going back to the start after a win. If it is a win after the first bet then your next is just your starting wager of $1 again. At the start of the next week you will start the week back at $1 first wager on the First Multi of the Day. This ensures that you don’t stay at higher wagers for too long. At any point during the week if you wish to go back to the start after a win you can do so, you do not have to continue halving after every win. You can reset back to the start whenever you wish. At the start of the next week if you do not wish to go back to the start because you are at stake 4 for example, you may decide to continue on till you get a win and then commence back at the start so you do not take a loss at that point. You can most certainly ‘tweak’ the strategy to suit as you are wagering. Just remember, do not bet more than you can afford to lose.

The Aggressive Strategy does deliver more profit than the Passive as you are making more profit on the wins that come as you progress back down the stakes. At the same time, it is a higher risk strategy as you are wagering at higher stakes for longer. Please take this into consideration when choosing which strategy to use. You may be more comfortable doing higher unit values on the Passive strategy at lower risk.


What happens if the win doesn’t come? Although we have hit within 7 bets or less 100% of the time over more than the last 6 months, it doesn’t mean that its not possible to happen in the future. We have a specific strategy in place based on the statistical chances of events occurring based on the past. We recommend that you have a stop/loss point in place. A stop/loss is a point in your betting where you make a choice, pre-bet, of what your bottom line is that you don’t cross. A point where you stop betting and take a smaller loss than if you continued at risk of losing further. In sports, as in racing, anomalies happen. Top of the ladder teams lose to the bottom team at home, players get injured and leave the field with your head to head fantasy bet in ruins. It happens. Having a stop/loss point in place is your best option to saving your bankroll in the event of a worst case scenario and this is something that you must decide for yourself of where you are comfortable betting to.  For example, you may decide to never bet past 2/3 of your bankroll. At that point you initiate your pre-decided stop/loss point and go back to the start and continue on. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.


Our results file has 5 sheets that shows you our overall results, then the First Multi of the Day/Night, the Second Multi of the Day/Night. It then also has two further sheets that show the rollover progress to show you how the rollover can help increase your bankroll using just your original $127 investment. This does not include any additional funds invested.

You can see below on the screenshot of the overall results page. The left side shows the First Multi results, the right side the Second Multi results and then the overall results combined for the Passive Strategy and the Aggressive Strategy.You can see the weekly updated results file via the button link below.

We recommend that you have a good look at the results file after you have read the previous staking strategy information so you can see the different strategies in play over the last 6+ months.



So now you will have worked out your bankroll and using the Bankroll Unit Value chart have worked out what unit value you will be using along with which set of picks you’ll start to follow. You will also now have decided which strategy to use, the passive or aggressive.If still unsure, we recommend using the passive strategy with .50c units on the First Multi of the Day and Night to start with. Get used to using it and then decide whether you will increase your unit size and stay with one Multi, change to the higher risk Aggressive strategy or add in the second Multi if your bankroll can include it.

No matter what you choose, never bet more than you can afford to lose. This simple strategy along with these picks will help you stay focused, reduce the risk of tilting and help keep you betting in lower risk, profitable methods that steadily build your bankroll.

If you have any questions at all along the way feel free to message John on Telegram @the_sports_tipper or email us at

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