nba season predictions

N.B.A Season Predictions

NBA Season Predictions

With the season currently suspended, here are the Top 5 things The Sports Tipper is predicting for the remainder of the season when we resume and when the Playoffs roll around.

1.Milwaukee Wins The East.
The team with the best record in the league, the Bucks are set to go one better than last season and reach the N.B.A Finals.
With the reigning MVP (Antetokounmpo) and a team that scorers heavily and actually plays D, and with players like Middleton and Bledsoe playing at a higher level this season, the Raptors and possibly the Celtics look to be the only road blocks in the way of Milwaukee heading to the N.B.A Finals.

2.Clippers Win The West.
In a much tougher Conference (West) but with a very talented team, the Clippers despite being the No 2 seed ATM, look to have built a team that can get to the N.B.A Finals and go beyond.
If Paul George and Kawhi Leonard stay healthy and with Morris and Jackson recently joining the team (Jackson bought in to play PG),we may have an all L.A Conference Finals with the Lakers and Clippers squaring off.
We give the edge to the Clippers based on the new additions to the team and if Leonard v James happens, we think Kawhi can at worst break even with James impact wise which will leave players like George and Williams to get the Clipper over the line and into the Finals.(And Yes Denver can get to the Conference Finals too).

3.James Wins M.V.P.
Yes, we think it’s going to happen that LeBron will win this seasons M.V.P when the season is back up and running.
He has had a great season across the board and with the Lakers having the No 2 record in the league he looks poised to take it out from last seasons M.V.P Antetokounmpo who is a great chance also.
At the start of the season Anthony Davis (LAL) looked like he could steal some of James’s shine on the court but to James’ credit he has had a great season!
(James 2020 Season Stat Line: 25.7 PPG,7.9 REB,10.6 ASS).

4.New York Knicks Will Still Suck.
It’s the never ending story for New York Knicks fans in terms of just how much they suck!
As Knicks fans we are basically @ 20 years of this and the remainder of the 2020 season will be the same old Knicks basketball.
The Knicks have some decent players like Randle and rookie Barrett but after bombing out big time last off season in signing noone when we looked to almost have Durant and Irving locked up, it looks like another Top 5 draft pick coming up for the Knicks which they will do nothing with or trade the player away after a season or two. AARRGGHH!

5.Houston’s Small Ball Experiment will FAIL.
We have to give it to Houston with what they are trying to do by playing “small ball” but it will result in an early Playoff exit.
The only guy benefiting from this is Westbrook whose numbers are growing while James Harden’s continue to go down as the Rockets look to improve on their current 6th seed.
In the Playoffs the games slow down dramatically and this type of play will quickly be exposed and if Houston are unable to hit 20+ three points shot per game they could get bounced in the 1st Round.