It doesnt have to!!!

It’s harder than ever to get a stack of winners on a regular basis. Everyone involved in the industry is talking about it. As more trainers and jockeys are in the media about ‘questionable’ activity, it lends to more chat about harder times on the punt. We’ve seen this happen year in and year out… It wont stop. While there’s big money to be made there will ALWAYS be someone trying to get more of their fair share of the pie.

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What if that person could be you???

Would it be valuable to you if you could ensure that you made profit every time you got a winner?
What if that meant that the irregularity of winners these days actually didn’t matter anymore? Would that help you?
What if you could bet without the risk because you knew that when you hit the win you made all your losses back PLUS made profit

What would that be worth to you???


Over the last 3 years, our Thoroughbred Racing Tips have been sent out to our Racing Subscribers. 
We’ve achieved a consistent avg strike rate of 27% win and 58% place strike rate during this time.


After tracking our results for a number of years prior to commencing The Sports Tipper, we worked with a team of Analysts to develop a custom staking strategy that ensures that when we tip a winner, we end up in profit… Every. Single. Time


Combining our Thoroughbred Racing Tips and our Custom Staking Strategy along with the correct unit value for your bankroll, regular profit has been achieved year after year for our subscribers!


It’s not so much about the tips but more about what you do with them that sees you building consistent profits. 
Our team has been providing our customers with Horse Racing tips and Greyhound Racing tips 7 days a week PLUS our subscription comes with access to our Custom Betting Staking Strategies for delivering Maximum Consistent Profit

Combining consistent tips with a proven staking strategy is
the Winning Combination!

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Wagering different amounts based on ‘Confidence Level’ in Racing can be a very volatile practice. With so many factors involved, the ‘Best In The Race’ can often not get the true run and, if wagering a larger stake, can lead to losses. 

You most certainly should be adjusting your wagering amounts each race according to the result of your previous bet to ensure that youre wagering for profit.
Using a structured, specific calculation that is based on how much you have already spent plus the odds of your next runner will deliver the profits when your bet wins.

Our Custom Staking Strategy, The Thunder System, was tested and paper traded for just over 2 years before being released to our Racing Tips subscribers in late 2016 and in conjunction with our daily Horse Racing Tips & Daily Greyhound Best Bets, has delivered thousands of units profit.

The Thunder System uses a simple, proven, mathematical equation to ensure that every time you get a winner you make profit. (Yes, its possible to make profit every time!)

This strategy helps take the guess work out of betting, makes it easy to know how much to bet to make profit and also helps to lessen the urge to tilt and to chase losses. 
We all know that you cant win every bet, but you can bet to make sure you make profit WHEN you win.
You can get our Custom Staking Strategy now for just $39 (normally $79) and apply it to your betting today!

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Daily Best Bets

We tip out our Best Bets that qualify from Australian Thoroughbred and Greyhound meetings 7 days a week

Thoroughbred Racing Tips

We have a 97% strike rate by our 10th tip with a ROI of 42% and POT of 30%

Greyhound Racing Tips

We have a 99% strike rate by our 10th tip with a ROI of 23% and POT of 19%

Not all Strike Rates are important!

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of info about strike rates of tipsters. Tony Brassel has a 27% strike rate for example and I don’t think anyone knows what Tom’s strike rate is… What if I told you that a winning strike rate is actually irrelevant and no guide whatsoever on if a tipster would make you profit? 

Its true. We could be tipping out 70% winners on the horses and you could lose money. The odds at which the winners come at, makes a huge difference to your bottom line. Your strike rate MUST be over the minimum for the avg odds you’re backing horses at to even start to be profitable. 
To give you an example. 50% winning strike rate needs a minimum of $2 odds to break even (& no-ones tipping horses at 50% anywhere), 30% strike rate needs $3.33 minimum to break even. Considering no-one wants to break even, you need to be profitable right?

So lets say we tipped a touch over Tony Brassel at 30%. Technically that means we’re winning 3 out of every 10 bets. OR even 30 out of every 100. This is by no means a bad strike rate BUT what if you had 14 losses before 6 winners came in a row. Statistically that’s 30% winning strike rate. What if you were betting $10 bets each time and had $100 in your account. You’d bust before getting to hit the win and depending on the odds you wouldn’t even break even.

So one of the most important strike rates is HOW OFTEN you hit a winner. As you can see in our Thoroughbred & Greyhound stats above, we hit a win by our 7th tip 83% on horses and 97% of the time on dogs. This strike rate lets us know that if we can bet to the 7th bet on the dogs there’s a 97% chance of getting a win. If we add in that we’ve bet the correct amount on that bet at the right odds, it ensures that we cover all the previous bets and we make profit.
Doesn’t that sound better? Relying on proven results to know statistically when we can expect the win to come by and to bet accordingly to make profit?
See how a decent win strike rate isn’t actually important? It’s the FOW, Frequency Of Win, that actually matters to punters. To Profits. 

If you knew that a win statistically comes only 60% of the time on your 4th bet you wouldn’t be betting your last $20 on it would you?

We’ve tracked all of our statistics for years so that we know our Frequency Of Win to know when our winners are expected to come by, then adding our Thunder System in to know how much to bet each time… That’s a winning combination to bet on!


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