Horse Racing Betting For Profit

Betting for Profit when you’re on the punt would be the first priority for punters wouldn’t you say?
You may be surprised to know that most punters aren’t actually Betting for Profit when they bet on the Horses…

A common Horse Racing wagering mistake is to bet the same amount on each bet, also betting in advance at the start of the day. $10 for the win on all of your bets and hoping to come out at the end of the day with more than you started with, is the most common betting method we hear.
Some of our Horse Racing analysts were TAB Agents and watched punters come in and bet like this day in and day out and not make profit. It was one of the reasons that the desire to build a business like The Sports Tipper came about. Helping punters Bet for Profit was pivotal in helping change the way people bet on the Horses (and Greyhounds and Sports too).

When you really think about it, leaving profit to chance isn’t the best way to bet.
Considering how many variables there are in just getting a winner, leaving too much to chance when it comes to what you’re betting shouldn’t be the one place where your’e not getting it right.

Why the way you bet can change your profits

Depending on if you’re backing your own tips or investing in a Professional Tipping Service like The Sports Tipper, depending on HOW you bet, you may be relying on the Strike Rate of the Horse Racing tips you bet on, to make profit. 

I’m sure you’ve read, or heard, plenty of stories about certain ‘tactics’ that have been used in Racing. Everything from Trainers using Jiggers in training horses to Jockeys betting in races where they have rides. There’s a tonne of variables that punters have absolutely no control over and that’s one of the reasons that you can’t rely on just the tips alone. You NEED to ensure that you’re Betting For Profit so that it doesn’t matter if there’s some unexpected shocking revelation in the industry or even a bout of bad weather with severe track downgrades after you’ve already bet on a Good track to zero out your profits.

Betting isn't an aTM... So why bet like it is?

Putting your bets on at the start of the day with the same amount on each bet and collecting more than you put on at the start of the day… Sounds perfect doesn’t it!
Now, if Betting for Profit was that easy wouldn’t everyone be doing that? Actually, why would anyone have to have a job if that worked? 
If betting like that actually made profit wouldn’t we all just feed the bets in and collect more at the end of the day, every day? OF COURSE!!!

Who wouldn’t bet like that? I couldn’t tell you someone who wouldn’t!
But I’m sure you can guess that because everyone isn’t talking about it how its the best way to make Profit Betting on Horses that it probably doesn’t consistently make profit. We’re all still slogging away at our jobs and having a punt when we can, hoping to get those elusive winners and make some extra cash.

So why would people bet like that? Why put your bets on in bulk at the same bet amount? Because its easy, quick and most punters don’t know that there’s a way to Bet for Profit out there. Some just purely enjoy the Gamble. They love the endorphin hit in those few seconds after placing the bets and before checking the account balance or scanning the tab tickets ‘hoping’ for the win.

Betting For Profit isn't Hard when you know how

Over a number of years we researched and assessed every betting method available on the market. We tested and recorded the results to make sure that we knew what really worked and what didn’t.

What we found was shocking and disappointing. Close to all of the methods resulted in losses. So we went about building our own method. 

Our staking system works by betting the specific right amount at the right odds and, when combined with the right selections, ensures that profit is delivered when a winner is achieved. We knew there was nothing worse than backing a few winners and still not making profit so this system ensured that we’re always Betting For Profit. 
Betting For Profit means the Right Tips + the Right Wagers + the Right Odds. You can get hold of all of our daily Horse Racing Tips and our Staking Strategy for Betting for Profit in our Racing Subscriptions