The #1 Most Important Statistic in Sports Betting

and why it makes a difference to how much profit you make

Ever got a stack of winners but somehow still didn’t end up in front?

Not getting enough Return for your Investment is a common issue for Punters

There is actually a simple statistic that is critical to making consistent profit and all the Professional Punters are using it to their advantage… 

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Making profit betting doesn't have to Be Hard: You just need to know what the Pro's Know!

So what do Professional Sports Investors know that the average punter doesn’t???

They know their statistics. AND they know ALL OF THEM. They know their Strike Rate, they know the Minimum Odds that they need to make profit. They know their ROI (Return On Investment) and their POT (Profit On Turnover). They know all of these statistics not just as overall figures but on all of the individual Sports that they wager on as well as the types of bets that they do.

But there is another statistic! It’s the #1 most important statistic that you need to know, that the pro’s know and use to their advantage to MAXIMISE THEIR PROFIT…

So what is it I hear you ask… before I tell you that, I’d love to tell you what we found out over the last few years at The Sports Tipper. We found out that most punters thought that the most important thing to making profit was the amount of winners that they got!

The Amount of Winners you get isn't the key to making profit on the punt!

Before we started The Sports Tipper a few years ago, our staff worked for some of the largest wagering companies in Australia. Some even operated multiple TAB Agencies! It was there that the need to figure out some of the keys to making profit on the punt started.

Seeing punters bet all day, grab a stack of winners and still leave at the end of the day with empty pockets didn’t seem right… What was going wrong? Why weren’t they making profit???

So we started tracking results across both Racing and Sports and spent a number of years working out how to make profit with the least amount of risk (and effort!)

We worked out what you needed to know to Make Profit on the Punt

We knew that you needed to have a profitable Strike Rate… that’s a given.
We also knew that the odds that you backed would need to have a minimum for that Strike Rate. No point backing something at $1.30 if you don’t pick a winner often enough for that to be profitable hey?
We also knew that you needed to adjust your next wager based on the result of your last bet, you cant bet the same amount each time and get into profit consistently. 
So what else is it? What do Professional Sports Investors know?

They know How Often They Hit A Winner for every bet type they do!

Yep! Seems like something simple doesn’t it?

But its absolutely a GAME CHANGER for punters.

So what exactly are we talking about here? It’s knowing the statistics on how often you hit a winner. How often do you hit a win the next bet after you get a winner? How often do you get to your fourth or fifth bet before you get a win? Do you sometimes get to 8 bets before you hit a win???

Knowing How Often You Hit A Win Helps You Make Profit – The reason being is that you can know, statistically, when you can expect a win to come. Therefore you can make decisions on your wagers based on the probability of a win coming. This gives you an edge that you can cash in on.

So what can you do with that information if you know those statistics?

Use a strategy to take advantage of it!!!


Track all of your bets over a period of time (a minimum of 6 months is preferable for accurate information) to work out what your Strike Rate % is. 


When you know your Strike Rate you can calculate the minimum odds that you need to be profitable. For example, a Strike Rate of 30% needs a minimum of $3.33 and a Strike Rate of 20% needs a minimum of $5. If you’re picking winners at 40% then you need $2.50 minimum to break even.


From tracking your results you can then work out how often you hit a winner and therefore work out the probability of hitting a win on your next bet and bet accordingly at the right odds to make profit!

We track all of our tips so that we know our Frequency Of Win

We tip Sports and Racing 7 days a week and since we kicked off at the end of 2016 have tracked all of our results. Because of this, we know all of our statistics to tip profitable tips to our subscribers.

For example, we know that we hit winners on Tennis at 72.83% with a 16% POT. We know that we made 365 units profit in the last 9 months on our first Multi of the Day and Night. We also know that we hit a win on those First Multi of the Day and Nights within 5 bets or less 98% of the time.
Because we know our Frequency Of Win, we created a simple, easy to follow Strategy for Maximum Profits.


So why is the Frequency Of Win the key to

Making Profit Betting?

  • Knowing the statistical probability of when that next win comes, you can bet accordingly to make profitable wagers. If you know that you can expect to hit a win within 7 bets you can make sure that you have the right sized units and wager confidently because you can expect the win to come.

When you don’t know when a win may come, you might have had say 4 bets and be ‘hoping’ for a win with your last $20 on your 5th bet. If you had known that statistically you hit a win on the 5th bet only 50% of the time you probably wouldn’t have bet your last $20 as the odds really weren’t on your side.

By knowing when your win statistically ‘should’ come, you can wager accordingly. If you were having a day on the punt and know that statistically your wins come within 7 bets or less 100% of the time then you wouldn’t be having your last $20 on your 5th bet.

This is why knowing your frequency of win is the key to
making profit betting on sports

  •  LOW RISK WAGERING: When knowing, statistically, when a win may be due to come, your bets become lower risk.
  • CONSISTENT PROFIT: Regardless of how much profit is made with each win, slow and steady profits win the race every time.
  • BANKROLL BUILDING: Building your bankroll with steady profit allows you to increase your unit value and then increase your profits in the same, low risk manner, every time.

Are you ready to start making some consistent profit Betting on Sport?

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