2023 Sports Tips Results

Our Sports Results using our staking suggestions can be seen in our Result File linked below. 

Our Sports Tips Package includes 7 days a week of Australian and Major International Sports and includes Singles, Multis, Max plays and Challenges. 
We cover NRL, AFL, Union, NBA, NBL, NCAAB, WNBA & International Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, MLB, NHL, Golf, Soccer, Darts, UFC, NFL & NCAAF so theres something for every punter who likes to follow sports.

Our results are updated daily in our Telegram sports channels and updated quarterly in our result file found below. 

Sports Tips Subscription

For all of the information regarding our Sports Tips Subscription and its inclusions head over to our Subscription page here

Australian Horse Racing Results

Complete transparency is 100% important when you’re looking for a Horse Racing Tipping Service or Sports Betting Tips Subscription. You need to know a stack of information to ensure that the Horse Racing Tips you’re getting are profitable and that the tips are winning consistently to also make profit. 

There are a number of important factors you need to look for when deciding on a profitable Tipping Service, some far more important than another. The most important is being able to see the results which should include:

  • Units Profit – You need to know how many units profit have been delivered over a period of time. You should be able to see Horse Racing Tips results for at least two full seasons of Horse Racing. You dont want to just see a few months as anyone can have a ‘hot run’ of winning Horse Tips. Consistent winning Horse Racing Profits is a must. Not sure how to work out units and why they’re important? Check out our run down on Horse Racing Units here.
  •  Return On Investment – A Horse Racing Tipster should provide you with their ROI, how much return on your investment are you getting if you follow their Horse Racing Tips? If you’re spending $100, what sort of % profit are you making on that $100. The Best Horse Racing Tipster would have a high ROI indicated in their Horse Racing Tips Result file.
  • Profit On Turnover – How much POT is the Tipster getting? Anything around 20% or over is fantastic, anything under that and youre having to spend far too much to make profit. If you turn over $1000 on your Horse Racing bets across a week, are you getting $1200 back or just $1050? Thats alot of work for just $50 so that’s where this is important for a punter. 
So what about Strike Rate??? We get asked often, ‘What’s your Strike Rate?’… Did you know its actually not really relevant to being profitable when betting on Horses or Sports? If a Horse Racing Tipster had a 10% strike rate they could be more profitable than one who has a 60% strike rate! It all depends on the odds of their Horse Racing Tips AND the most important statistic to do with this is actually the Frequency Of Win. 
Find out why a Horse Racing or Sports Tipsters Frequency Of Win is the absolute most important statistic when it comes to serious Betting to make Profit in our article below.

 “The Most Important Statistic For Building Profit When Betting On Horses”

As we use a Custom Staking Strategy for betting on our Horse Racing Tips we don’t provide a full list of the actual tips that we send out every day. But having said that, all of our Horse Racing Tips are sent out via private Telegram channels. Our results are updated consistently in those channels for full transparency and we are happy to provide screenshots from those channels to show the tips aligning with our result files.

Daily Horse Racing Tips Subscription Results

Our Horse Racing Results using our staking strategy can be seen in our Result File linked below. Please note: We are using half units during 2023, 2022 and part of 2021 due to inclement weather and poor track conditions. This has resulted in safer, less risk wagering and excellent consistent profits for our subscribers.

Full results can be found in this result file in consecutive sheets for 2023 through to 2018. All Results are from our daily Thoroughbred tips using our custom staking strategy which was developed over a number of years to deliver the maximum amount of profit when wagering.

Our Daily Horse Racing Tips Package includes 7 days a week of Horse Racing Tips across Australian Thoroughbred meetings and includes our Best Bets, Value Picks and Win Multi’s.

Saturday Horse Racing Tips Results

Our Saturday Horse Racing Tips Package has been a sensational performer with a Profitable Race Day 88% of the time this year and an overall Profit On Turnover of 47.1%. Our Horse Racing Betting Strategy combined with our Horse Racing Tips has been an exceptionally profitable earner for those who wish to wager with intent to build consistent profit from their Horse Racing bets.

Our Saturday Horse Racing Tips Package includes Thoroughbred Tips across Australian Thoroughbred meetings and includes our Best Bets, Value Picks, Win Multi’s as well as Quaddie Tips where fields suit for value.