Our Recommended Method for following our picks

We post out our Day and Night tips each day along with Multiple Unit plays and future picks.
We recommend following our picks in the following manner:
1. Multiple Unit Plays firstly with your appropriate unit size for your bankroll (Max 5 unit and 4 unit plays are our most confident picks). 
2. Multi of the Day and Multi of the Night using our Passive Staking strategy.
3. Additional single selections are for punters who like to build their own multis (Under $1.70) or single plays (Over $1.70) and can be used as additional bets if desired. The focus of your wagers should be on the First two sets of selections and have been our most profitable methods of betting since we launched in 2016.
4. Futures Bets incl Golf and longer tournament picks. These can be viewed as ‘play wagers’ and are for smaller wagers with the focus on the ‘best bets’ in these selections and would be considerably smaller units than match and game plays.

Sports Betting Strategies

With all sports wagering, your initial bankroll needs to be looked at to start with. 

You should have a separate bankroll for each of your betting sets. E.g, Wagering single bets, following our Multiple Unit Plays or using our Staking Strategy with our Multi’s of the Day and Night. This is especially important if you like to play larger leg multis.  Doing so will keep your higher risk wagers such as those large leg multi’s separate from your lower risk bets with our staking strategy. 
While we do recognise that alot of punters like to wager large leg multi’s we recommend no more than just a 2 leg double to keep your risk low and increase your % chance of winning.

To calculate your units for standard betting (not following a staking strategy) you look at your Bankroll and should be wagering no more than around 20% at any given time. 
Then, you would decide on how often you will be wagering and also how often you will be re-assessing your bankroll. We recommend weekly. 
So you would then work out your 20%, in this example lets say we have a $100 bankroll so its $20 to have in play. If you decided that youre only betting on the weekend as you want to watch the games then youre dividing your $20 between the 2 days ($10 each day) and then you divide it by the # of bets your going to have. At the end of the week you total up your return and add it back to your bankroll of $100. You might have had a little profit and have $110. So next time you do 20% again, this time it will be $22. You may have lost a few dollars and have $95. 
So the next time you do 20%, this time it will be $19. The reason for doing this is that you will increase your bankroll safely, mitigating your losses when they happen.



To calculate your units to use our staking strategy you will again need to look at your bankroll. 
To wager to bet #8 (of which we hit by this bet 99% of the time during this financial year) you would need 255 units. This being the sum of each of the bets to get to and include bet 8. So to work out your unit value you will simply divide your bankroll by 255. 
To give you an example, if you have $300 then you can do $1 units as it will cost you $255 to cover up to and including that bet. 
If you have less than $255, say $150 then it will be .50c units (costs $127.50 to reach and include Stake 8) and so on. 

As you build your bankroll you can increase your unit value by half a unit each time you accumulate another $127.50 in profit as that is the cost of an additional .50c for each wager. As you build more profit you increase your unit value and so on. If you have a weekly or monthly spend allocated to the punt you can always add that in each week as it will help you increase your bankroll faster. 

Staking Strategy

There are two ways to use our staking strategy: Passive and Aggressive

One of the benefits of this strategy is that you can ‘set and forget’. We post our Day tips up the evening prior and our night picks in the early afternoon so you can place your two Multi’s on the night before, come back the next afternoon and do the same for the night picks and so on. You should use a separate bankroll for each Multi set (One bankroll for the first multi and one bankroll for the second)


Double after a loss and return back to the start of 1 unit after a win.

This approach makes profit when the wins come at an early stake. Whilst there can be a small loss if there is a run of losses, the profit has been consistently made with this method over the last two years taking into account the small loss that can happen when a win comes at a later stake.
Check out our Result File linked Below to see the profits that have been made during this financial year to get an idea of how its been running and how profitable this simple method is. NOTE: The Result file is also linked in the Sports Channel.

At any point you can restart at stake one if you hit your personal stop loss point.

Double after a loss and halve after a win. Reset back to the start of 1 unit at the start of your next week.

This approach has considerably more risk than the passive approach and is one that we do not personally recommend if you do not have a large bankroll but delivers more profit. It builds more profit on the wins that come after a win when moving back down the stake ladder.



In A Nutshell…

*Decide on which set of tips you will follow… e.g Both of the Multi’s of the Day and Night, Just the first Multi of the Day and the Night etc or just the Multiple Unit Plays. Have a separate strategy going for each.
*Decide on your units (its recommended to start low till you get used to using a strategy, .50c units is not unrealistic as you can always increase after a few wins when you are comfortable using a staking strategy. You’ll be surprised how quickly it will increase your profits as you roll it over after making some profit and increasing your unit size with won money)
*Decide on the Passive or Aggressive approach. Consider a Stop/Loss point if using the aggressive approach. You may use 64 units for example and after a win at 64 units you go back to the start, you can also go back a few stakes when you reach this point if you havent hit a win by your stop/loss point to help reduce your spend
*Place your first wager and Double after a loss and either go back to the start after a win (Passive) or Halve after a win (Aggressive)
*Go back to the start at the start of the next week if using the Aggressive strategy


You can see an example post below showing the two Multi’s Of The Day to use with the Staking Strategy along with the other picks suitable for fun plays and building your own multi’s etc. Any picks $1.70 or over are suitable as a single wager and anything shorter suits a multi. If you are following our recommended strategies then you can ignore the single picks and follow the Multi’s of the Day/Night picks for maximum profit. 


Safe wagering isn’t about the big quick wins, its about consistent profits, often, regardless of how big or small they are.
If you find you’re not making profit then you should consider looking at HOW you are wagering.
Are you pushing limits and looking for the bigger wins, getting emotionally driven and tilt wagering? We are hitting profit every single month so the money is there to be made if you wager responsibly. If you’re not making profit, its most likely HOW you’re wagering, not the selections that you’re backing. 
Good Luck!

If You Have Any Questions Dont Hesitate To Email Tips@Thesportstipper.Com