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Unlike Staking on Horse Racing or Greyhounds, Sports betting is best done with a bankroll management focus. 

All of the tips posted are not for every punter. Some punters like to bet just on their favorite sports, like to build their own multis etc. We tip out many options to suit different punting types. We do not recommend that you attempt to cover all tips. 

Not sure which to start to follow? Select our max play tips (5U) as the first priority tips or consider following along with our Challenge tips. 


With all sports wagering, your initial bankroll needs to be looked at to start with.

You should have a separate bankroll for each of your betting sets. E.g, Wagering single bets, following our Max Plays or following our Challenges. This is especially important if you like to play larger leg multis.  Doing so will keep your higher risk wagers such as those large leg multi’s separate from your lower risk bets with our staking strategy. 
While we do recognise that alot of punters like to wager large leg multi’s we recommend no more than just a 2 leg double to keep your risk low and increase your % chance of winning.

To calculate your units for sports betting you look at your Bankroll and should be wagering no more than around 20% at any given time. 
Then, you would decide on how often you will be wagering and also how often you will be re-assessing your bankroll. We recommend weekly. 
So you would then work out your 20%, in this example lets say we have a $100 bankroll so its $20 to have in play. If you decided that youre only betting on the weekend as you want to watch the games then youre dividing your $20 between the 2 days ($10 each day) and then you divide it by the # of bets your going to have. At the end of the week you total up your return and add it back to your bankroll of $100. You might have had a little profit and have $110. So next time you do 20% again, this time it will be $22. You may have lost a few dollars and have $95. 
So the next time you do 20%, this time it will be $19. The reason for doing this is that you will increase your bankroll safely, mitigating your losses when they happen.

Odds posted are the current Fixed Odds at time of posting with SportsBet It’s helpful to you as a punter to have the option to search for the best odds when wagering on Sports but we post our selections from SportsBet for ease of finding.

All of the information provided, including but not limited to our Tips, Selections and Strategies are the property of The Sports Tipper and are covered by Copyright for intellectual property.  By subscribing to our service and accessing the information provided you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of your subscription and information can be found under the Terms & Conditions page on our site.If you have any questions along the way dont hesitate to let us know 

Safe wagering isn’t about the big quick wins, its about consistent profits, often, regardless of how big or small they are.
If you find you’re not making profit then you should consider looking at HOW you are wagering.
Are you pushing limits and looking for the bigger wins, getting emotionally driven and tilt wagering? We are hitting profit every single month so the money is there to be made if you wager responsibly. If you’re not making profit, its most likely HOW you’re wagering, not the selections that you’re backing. 
Good Luck!

If You Have Any Questions Dont Hesitate To Email Tips@Thesportstipper.Com