The Ultimate Guide to profitable Punting

When it comes to Punting for Profit there are a few crucial pieces that every punter needs in their arsenal to fight the bookies and build consistent profit. 


Punting on Profitable Tips is the first step. You’ve got to be on enough winning horses at the right odds to make profit on the punt.


When you’re placing the bets you need to be betting the right amount at the right odds to be Punting for Profit.


What do you do after you get a winner? Or what do you do after you have a loss? Its one of the keys to Profitable Punting.

what every profitable punter knows...

Tracking Bets for profit

If you’re not using a Professional Tipping service, like The Sports Tipper, and you’re making your own Thoroughbred Racing Picks then you absolutely MUST be tracking your bets for profit. 
You should be keeping a record of what Horse you picked, what the odds were that you bet it at and its result. This is an absolute minimum for betting for profit. You need to be able to look back to see your results. Our second point tells you why so read on…

Strike Rate & Minimum Odds for Profit

One thing that all Professional and Profitable Punters know is their Strike Rate across their bet types and then the Minimum Odds that they need to be profitable. 
We often get asked, ‘What’s your Strike Rate?’ and we’re always happy to answer it but most amateur punters don’t truly know why they should be asking it. They don’t really know that it’s not a relevant question in terms of Punting for Profit. 
You see, most of the best Thoroughbred Racing Tipsters will be tipping at around the 30% win mark, give or take a few %. Now without asking the second question regarding the minimum odds they’re tipping at its an irrelevant question. I could be tipping at 20% win rate but don’t tip anything under $6 and that’s a very profitable strike rate as a 20% strike rate needs a minimum of $5 to be profitable. 
I could also be tipping at 40% strike rate which sounds sensational but if the tips are all under $2 then I’m not actually profitable as you would need a minimum of $2.50 odds to break even at a 40% strike rate. 

So when you start tracking your bets you will be able to see your Strike Rate across a period of time and the average odds that you’re betting at to see if you’re betting for profit or not.
At The Sports Tipper we track all of our tips and know all of our stats, not only since we launched in 2016 but for a number of years prior to launch to ensure that we were consistently Betting For Profit. 
Here’s a game changer for you… Professional Punters take it a step further. They ensure that they’re Betting For Profit in HOW they Bet. You can find out more about that in our 
Betting For Profit article. 

Your Bankroll & How to use it to punt profitably

If you’re taking the punt seriously and thinking that you’d like to start earning some extra money through Betting on Horses or you have a goal of eventually betting professionally then you need a bankroll. 

You don’t need a big bankroll to be Betting For Profit, you just need to know how to work out HOW to use you bankroll to its best ability. We have plenty of subscribers who are following our tips and Betting Profitably with a bankroll of just $300 and we have punters following with considerably more. It all comes down to working out your unit size and then using it correctly with a Profitable Betting method. 

Betting isn't an ATM & you can't make profit thinking it is

If you’re thinking that you can pop your bets on at the start of the day and pull out more cash than you started with at the end of the day without doing anything in between then we’re afraid to say, you’re definitely not betting for profit. You’ve most likely never really made any good money on the punt, often bet more than you should and have probably joined multiple different tipping services and left because you thought it was the tips that didn’t work.
(Here’s a tip… its more likely that it’s how you’re betting, not what you’re betting on that’s letting you down)

Let’s look at it this way… If all you needed to do to make extra cash was to put a couple of $10 win bets on each day and make more at the end, wouldn’t we all just do that and not work??? Hell yeah!
But that’s not happening is it? That’s because it doesn’t work. If you want to make consistent profit you need to put in the work, like everything. 

when do you up your Unit size

A lot of punters up their unit size in all random amounts and at random times. Professional Punters treat the punt as a business and that’s why they make profit. 
You should only be upping your unit size when you plan to do so, you will know a predetermined amount that you reach and after reaching that increase in your bankroll can you increase your unit size.
Lets say that your current unit size is $1 and that’s based on a $500 bankroll with your betting method. You shouldn’t be increasing your bet size till you have made $250 profit to go to $1.50 unit size or $500 to increase to a $2 unit size. 
NEVER increase your unit size to chase losses. You’ll just lose faster. 

Recognise a Bad run (& a good one!)

Betting results runs in cycles, always have and always will. They say ‘Hot Streaks go Cold and Cold Streaks go Hot’. You need to try and recognise them when they do and capitalise on them. 
Many profitable punters recognise getting a stack of ‘bad luck’ and drop back the punt till it heats up again and if they’re on a hot streak they ride it with caution. 
At The Sports Tipper we use a betting method that rides consistently in the middle focusing on HOW we bet to ensure we’re betting profitably but at the same time when we know that there are factors such as consistent inclement weather we drop back our unit size or during Spring Carnival we are using full units to take advantage of the better quality racing.
The key is that it is always carefully assessed and bet to match the conditions.